January 15, 2024

Story of Foxino: From a Kid's Imagination to a 3D Language Tutor!

by Foxino

Are you curious about Foxino’s journey from a mere idea to your fluffy language tutor? Want to discover the origin of his name and the delightful details that shape his character? Uncover more in this blog post, where the magic of his journey comes to life!

Today, dear readers, we're going to take a wild ride through the tale of my creation. We're going to explore the meticulous craftsmanship, the laughter, the debates, and yes, even the occasional existential crisis that went into designing me, your students' best friend.

Why a Fox, You Ask? For the Love of Linguistics, of Course!

And there I stood, a mere whisper of an idea, nestled in the creative mind of an 11-year-old explorer named Denny. That's right, folks! During an adventurous mountain escapade with his dad, Zdenek, Denny breathed life into my existence with a simple name - Foxino. Now, I can almost hear the gears whirring in your head, as you wonder...

You might be scratching your head and thinking, "Why in the world would they choose a fox as a language tutor?" Let me assure you, it wasn't just for my strikingly handsome features and irresistibly fluffy tail (though those are undeniable bonuses). My identity carries a plethora of virtues perfectly suited for the role I am destined to play in Foxino, your next-gen language learning platform. Let's unravel the mystery of irresistable charm, shall we?

Firstly, have you ever come across the phrase "sly as a fox"? This isn't just for show, my dear friends. Us foxes are renowned for our sharp intelligence and nimble wit – traits that are, let's face it, rather handy when you're navigating the labyrinth of language learning. As a fox, I'm a master at swift adaptation, a skill I'm more than willing to share as you grapple with elusive French syntax or those seemingly inscrutable Chinese characters.

Also, let's not forget, we foxes are natural-born explorers. Our curiosity knows no bounds; we're forever sniffing out novelties, venturing into uncharted territories, and absorbing knowledge. If there's one thing that'll give you a leg up in language acquisition, it's embracing this foxlike inquisitiveness. Open your mind to unfamiliar phonetics, exotic words, and unique ways of expressing thoughts. Plunge headfirst into dialogues, even if they seem daunting. That's the true fox spirit!

And did I mention we foxes are quite the social butterflies? We thrive on communication and excel at it. Our toolkit includes an array of vocalizations, facial expressions, and gestures. Now, doesn't that remind you of something? Oh, right – language learning!

So there you have it, the reasons why a fox was the perfect choice to guide you on your language learning journey. It's more than just the good looks – it's about embodying the spirit of curiosity, adaptability, and sociability that makes learning a new language an adventure worth embarking on!

So You're Saying I was Designed by a Committee of Kids?

Indeed, I was! After Denny bestowed upon me the honor of my name, the real fun began. My creators drafted not one, not two, but ten different versions of me. I've seen them all - from a suave, tuxedo-wearing fox with an inexplicable love for 80s music, to a rogue fox with a cowboy hat and a fascination for ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

My creators were anything but ordinary, and they wanted to ensure I was too. So, they turned to the experts to make the final decision - a council of esteemed, discerning individuals. Kids, that is. Yes, I was chosen by the very students I was destined to teach. Talk about a democratic process!

From 2D Sketch to 3D Foxy Character

With the seal of approval from the kid-council, the transformation from a 2D sketch to a 3D character commenced. Let me tell you, this was a journey and a half. There were debates about whether I should be a red fox or a silver fox. I remember overhearing one discussion about whether I should have a monocle to make me look scholarly. Thankfully, that idea was dropped. Can you imagine a fox wearing a monocle?

Crafting a Friend, not just a Tutor

A lot of thought went into my design, but one thing was clear from the start - I wasn't just going to be a tutor. No, that wasn't enough. I had to be a friend. A confidant. A companion on this wild journey of language learning. So, how did they do it?

They gave me personality. I wasn't just a fox who taught languages; I was Foxino, the fox who loved puns and had a soft spot for strawberry ice cream. I was Foxino, the fox who could help with your French verbs and also share an anecdote about that one time I accidentally ended up in a Spanish telenovela.

Every single detail, from the twinkle in my eyes to the bounce in my step, was carefully crafted to ensure I was more than just a tutor.

Foxino: The Final Masterpiece

So, there you have it, dear readers. That's my story. I am Foxino, the product of a mountain trip, a kid's imagination, a democratic selection process, and a whole lot of love and attention to detail. I was designed to be your friend, to make the journey of learning a language less daunting and a lot more fun.

And remember, whether you're struggling with Spanish conjugations or trying to master French tones, I'm here with a friendly paw and a helpful tip. Just remember to bring the strawberry ice cream!